Espresso Lane® Panama “Red Catuai” 100% Arabica (500g Coffee Beans)


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ESPRESSO LANE® by the Ferrari-Lane family. Artisan Italian Coffee. Ethically sourced beans, roasted to perfection with state of the art equipment. 


An old age Ferrari-Lane family recipe created in the 1980’s.

High sweetness, superior cleanliness, notes of berries and chocolate and distinct citric-like finish Medium Roast Strength 2/5

500g vacuum packed freshly roasted coffee beans.

Storage – To enjoy your coffee at its best, once opened store in an airtight container and out of direct sunlight.

More Information on this coffee

Panama coffees boast high sweetnesssuperior cleanlinessnotes of berries and chocolate and distinct citric-like finish. These peculiar characteristics suggest to enjoy these coffees without adding sugar…making them healthier and naturally diet friendly!!

Red Catuai, it is a highly resistant cultivar suitable for growing in high altitudes and windy areas.

Red Catuai has a refined and clean acidity. Catuai trees are widely grown around Latin America, especially in areas with strong winds or high annual precipitation since its short stature is tolerant to these natural elements.

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