La Pavoni EUROPICCOLA LUSSO Lever UK wiring 230v

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We are authorised Sales & Service on La Pavoni domestic/ commercial coffee machinery

These 8 cup Levers heat up very quickly and can brew superb espresso , you will need to get the coffee grind dialled in for perfect crema . You also have the ability to steam liquids the same time from the steam wand.

Specifications :



Boiler capacity l. 0,80

Number of cups of espresso brewed 8

Steam delivery 10 min

Boiler pressure 0,7-0,8 bar

Average heating time 5 min

Safety valve

Steam tap with interchangeable device steam pipe / Cappuccino Automatic

Water level indicator

On/off switch

Indicator light

Cappuccino Automatic

Control pilot temperature

Manual reset safety thermostat

Pressurestat to keep a constant pressure in the boiler

Heating element 950 W

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