Gasket piston seals x 2 La Pavoni by Ferrari Espresso “Racing line” High Performance Piston Seals including lube oil for 8 cup and 16 cup lever models


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We have in stock these high quality food grade Italian designed and made  piston seal kits to fit all domestic La Pavoni lever models pre millennium and post millennium pistons. These higher performance gaskets are an upgrade option to the standard La Pavoni gaskets 361005

These piston seals are raked to a higher angle compared to standard la Pavoni piston seals  allowing a faster more instant draw of water discharge when lever is in open position .

Results have shown high pressure piston pressure  hold  for espresso shots when lever is charged and longer lasting life of seals.

These seals come with our 10ml high performance food grade silicone oil to apply when fitting to your pavoni . Also our oil is great for weekly lubing the piston shaft .

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