Quickmill Mod.0996 ACHILLE with 240v UK wiring

Available to order please contact us


Technical features:

– Professional lever group;
– 4,5 lts. copper boiler – Automatic recharge
– Boiler with electronic niveau fill probe
– Niveau glass;
– Stainless steel anti-burn steam nozzle;
– Stainless steel anti-burn water nozzle;
– Volumetric pump – Professional thermostat;
– Certificated safety valve;
– Safety system with pump and heater stop;
– External rechargeable safety thermostat;
– Stainless steel cup warmer;
– Switch for use with water tank / direct water connection;
– 3 lts. water tank;
– Manomer to see the pressure in the boiler;
– Direct water discharge in the drip tray;
– With 1 and 2 exits filter holder.

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